NCSA Federation Meeting Minutes 6-13-2007

June 13th, 2007 by Chloe Morgan

Attendance: Eric Davis, Tad Clodfelter, Franklin Ingram, Bart Grimes, Glenn Buck, Dan Fox, Tim Hall, Regina Dickens, Angie Banther, Jack Register, Mary Powell, David Turpin, Anne Doolen, Cece Westmoreland, Trina Fullard, Lloyd Parsons, Franklin Ingram, Wes Stewart

Guests: Dan Fox, Division of VR; Flo Stein, Division of MH/DD/SA

Minutes: Ms. Powell presented the May Minutes.

Division of Vocational Rehabilitation: Mr. Fox reported that the State Plan for VR will be soon available on the web for review and comment.

The Coalition: Mr. Hall reported on that there has been significant progress on the Equitable Coverage Bill but substance abuse will probably not be included for coverage. He noted that there was significant discussion at the Coalition regarding the Senate Budget. There seems to be little new funding and numerous recommendations being proposed as solution to mounting concerns about the impact of reform on communities.
Following some discussion the Chair appointed CeCe, Trish, Anne and Franklin to establish committee write position paper on substance abuse parity.

Division of MH/DD/SAS: Ms. Stein was asked several questions regarding Veteran’s Issues and she stated that they should be able to obtain services through the VA but that signing them up for those benefits was critical. Members indicated they were beginning to see vets in their programs.  She also noted that providers should be signing up for a free training being offered by DMA that will talk about Medicaid rules, the Services Definitions, Person Centered Plans and UR processes.

Commission for MH/DD/SA: Carl noted that the plan is available for public comment. The Rules Committee will be looking at policies that need to be made into Rules and Larry Pittman is serving Ex-
Officio on that group. The Advisory Committee is still looking at the Workforce Issue.  They will be meeting the second week of July.

New Website: Members requested that the new website include a membership roster with links, Links to friends of the Federation, position papers that are developed and links to the Legislature and resources such as CARF.

Next Meeting: July 11th at 10am at NC Psychiatric Association.

Respectively submitted, Mary Powell

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