Executive calls for changes in behavioral services

June 23rd, 2011 by Chloe Morgan

[From the Winston-Salem Journal 6.19.11]

An influential voice in the intense debate over behavioral-health reform believes the state should give the groups charged with managing services more oversight power.

However, Billy West Jr., the executive director of Daymark Recovery Services Inc., also wants local management entities (LME), such as CenterPoint Human Services, to take on more accountability to ensure the system meets community and patient needs.

West’s opinion matters since Daymark, based in Lexington, is a nonprofit that provides mental-health and substance-abuse services for about 38,000 clients in 29 counties.

It also is noteworthy because few providers, large and small, discuss their opinions publicly out of concern for affecting their relationships with LME management officials.

West said LMEs need more oversight authority in order to keep the state from wasting money.

“Three years in a row, the state has spent almost $1 billion on community support Medicaid services only to find fraud, financial waste, enabling of patients and a high state hospital rate,” West said.

West said some of the fraud and inefficiency is a byproduct of not having all LMEs operate with a Medicaid waiver program, which allows LMEs to control how federal Medicaid money is spent.

Advocates are concerned the waiver program puts fewer restrictions on how LMEs manage the providers and services they oversee — allowing them to funnel clients to certain groups.

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  1. If NC DHHS and by default, large companies such as Daymark, see advantages to the Medicaid Waiver, then creating a LEGAL Non Disclosure Agreement in order to launch the Medicaid Waiver, that does not trash NC Public Health Records laws should be attended to.  That would be the start of creating ‘more accountability.’

    See the following from NC Mental Health Reform blogspot, since 2007 (independent and not employed by anyone, including a private company, such as Daymark, which stands to benefit from moving through the Medicaid Waiver regardless of the problems w/ the way it has been launched at the behest of NC DHHS): from my blog: 

    FRIDAY, JUNE 03, 2011

    WHN LME ‘Goes Its Own Way’ re: Medicaid Waiver: pbH Non-Disclosive Agreement Hoisted Upon LME’s Deemed by UNC Institute of Government to Be ‘Illegal’

    SATURDAY, MAY 28, 2011

    Medicaid Waiver & Its Permutations as the State Legislature Changes the Language Associated w/ Using Piedmont Behavioral Health LME’s Medicaid Model

    SATURDAY, MAY 14, 2011

    NC DHHS : Please Do Your Work Re: the Medicaid Waiver Prior to Giving Everyone Else the Work To Do

    SATURDAY, MAY 07, 2011

    Watergate II or The Borg?:Public Funds Being Used to Create Private Wealth? per NC Medicaid Waiver as Western Highlands Network is Bullied by pbH LME

    Marsha V. Hammond, PhD, Licensed Psychologist, NC

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